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Freedom Using Art

Robin and her team will guide you and other participants through a group art journey. Music will be played in the background as you will be led through various exercises in the healing journey process with art. Each table will have a G2G team member present to assist you through the journey.


Q: Do I need any art experience? I'm not really an artist.

A: This workshop requires no art experience on your part.

Q: Will art supplies be provided?

A: Yes. Just bring yourself!


Q: Is this workshop just for people who are grieving a death?

A: No. This workshop assists anyone who is going through any negative emotional experiences including: trauma, broken or disconnected relationships, feelings of hopelessness, any type of abuse, and broken promises or dreams that never came true. 

Q: What will I experience during the journey?

A: During the art journey, each individual has their own unique experience. Emotions can possibly rise to the surface, a new perspective could be seen, an awareness of a new hope for your life.  We will always conclude the workshop with a positive exercise. 

Q: What can I expect by the end of the workshop?

A: Some people experience a noticeable measure of freedom right away. Others notice a difference in the way they feel days after the workshop. Each individual is on their own path, and can feel the glimmer of joy and gratitude at different times. Embrace your journey, each experience is different.


Q: Can I do this LIVE online as an option? 

A: We are in the process of developing this, as this is our number 1 request. Sign up for updates below to get the latest on G2G happenings.

Q: Is there another phase in G2G to go deeper in my freedom?

A: We are currently developing an online video e-course that will consist of additional sessions, that will take you deeper into more freedom.  Please check back often to see the progress.  Sign up for updates below to get the latest on G2G happenings.

Q: Are you licensed therapists?

A: No.  We are in no way diagnosing or treating for any type of condition or issue.  We are simply using the medium of art creation, to provide an experience that can lead participants to a higher level of freedom. Each participant has their own unique experience.  So, for legal reasons, we cannot make any guarantees. We are considered life coaches, not doctors or therapists.

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